As is probably increasingly evident, film is my preferred medium. I'm heavily inspired by virtually everything I watch - even the bad stuff; it's always good to know what not to do -, but I take a lot of influence from the New Hollywood movement, particularly Spielberg and Scorsese (as has every other student filmmaker over the last half-century).

I’ve worked in a number of roles across the productions I’ve been involved in, from directing and producing, to camera operation, tech management, storyboarding, being an extra, and - of course - making the tea. Below is a playlist of the projects I've been involved in making during my time at LIPA.

Whilst I love and prefer narrative film, this doesn't disclude me from other forms. Whilst at LIPA, I have been involved in several multi-camera productions, and have helped to create a number of music videos. The most recent of these is "Mr. Noname" by Ferns4Raye and Bubbi Steinarsson, which was produced by myself and Sam Vivian under the No Cash Value banner, with a location shoot in Brussels, Belgium over three days.

With the initial brief given to us being "Raye follows Bubbi", Sam and I built on this germ of an idea, with Sam taking influence from the French New Wave to flesh out the narrative, and myself looking to the American conspiracy thrillers of the 1970s for the visual aesthetic. As a whole, we've both agreed that this is the most fully-realised project from our time in LIPA and the one we're most proud of.

Prior to "Mr. Noname", I was approached by students from the management and music courses to film several live videos for Alexander Reed, a la The 1975's Vevo Originals series.

The idea was to film three songs in LIPA's Sennheiser Studios which would fit together to give the impression of one continuous perfromance despite changes in set and band congifurations. This proved mildly complicated to achieve, so we settled on separating the videos up and using distinct colour grading and cinematography to differentiate them.

Further to this, I have regularly been involved in filming The 2ube, LIPA's weekly live show for its music students, and 2ube Xtra, the two-week, end-of-year festival showcasing third year acts. Again, I filled a number of roles throughout my three years, from camera work, floor management, vision mixer, and director. The shows I worked on can be found below.

And here's a full filmography, for the completionists:

  • Clean Barry (2020) - co-writer, producer, editor
  • Sanctuary Is Sacred (2020) - producer
  • Narcissus (2021) - director, editor, screenplay
  • Toxteth Cowboy (unreleased) - editor, co-writer, producer
  • Acting (2022) - director, co-writer, editor
  • Distraction (2022) - producer
  • Mash - Little Pecadilloes (2023) - assistant director
  • Four Stops (2023) - director/writer ("The Robots"), director of photography ("Nice Time"), producer, co-editor
  • Alexander Reed - The Sennheiser Sessions (unreleased) (music video) - director, editor, director of photography
  • Ferns4Raye & Bubbi Steinarsson - Mr No Name (2023) (music video) - producer, editor, director of photography
  • Ghost Town (unreleased) - director, editor, producer
  • Heidenn Sid (2023) - camera