Editing is where the bulk of my filmmaking experience lies, and what I feel I'm probably best at. Post-production always feels like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without being able to look at the image on the front of the box; there's definitely a "correct" end result, it's just up to the post team to sit in dark rooms and push some buttons for months in order to figure it out.

Here's a overview of my editing work at LIPA, from narrative film to documentary, trailers, music videos and live vision mixing:

Every year I edit together a video countdown of my favourite films from the last twelve months, inspired by David Ehrlich's own annual supercuts. The general concept is a montage of said films, followed by a countdown of my twenty-five favourites, all set to music featured in the films themselves (with the music being thematically apt for which ever films it accompanies). I've been making these Filmyear supercuts for the last six or so years, often tinkering and tweaking them throughout the year. The following is the most recent edition:

I really love putting these videos together. They feel like the biggest expression of my love of cinema and if they get even one person to check out one of the films on the lists, then I feel like they're a success.

I also have an ongoing (if sporadically updated) series of supercuts which, along similar lines to the Filmyear videos, bring together a director's entire filmography with a soundtrack appropriate to themes found in their work (for instance, Five Minutes Of Terrence Malick is backed by a song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, as both Malick and Cave have developed more spiritual ideas in their work as they've grown older, as well as favouring freeform structures over stricter, more conventional narratives). I've found these videos educational to make, both in having to edit various styles of filmmaking and learning about aspects of each director's work.

As a point of personal pride, the Edgar Wright video is approved by the man himself: